Partner With Us

Step 1

We’d like to invite you to become a Worthy Walk Partner. And it’s really simple. First begin a regular time of prayer for the ministry. Pray that this program reaches those who are lost and searching. Pray that His spirit would be in the words that Pastor Armstrong speaks from the pulpit and that all are able to hear His voice and listen diligently. If something from today’s message has resonated with you, please write or call us and let us know how God is working in your life.

Step 2

Next, you commit to a financial gift of $25.00 or more each month. We are so grateful not only for those that listen this program, but for those that make an investment in the ministry as well. Because The Worthy Walk is a listener supported radio program, the regular gifts and donations from our listeners are how we are able to stay on your favorite Christian radio station, send resources to our listeners and more. All donations to this ministry go back into supporting the ministry. Pastor Armstrong receives no income from this ministry!

As a Partner

When you commit to becoming a Worthy Walk Partner, as our way of saying thank you, we’ll send you a copy of Pastor Armstrong’s powerful series about 6 spiritual disciplines titled, “Habits of Growth.”

When you own the entire series on CD, you can listen whenever you want…at home or in your car. You can study each on your own, in a small group or in a Sunday school class setting. As a bonus, we are including the study notes that Tim shared with the congregation when he preached this series at The Chapel. These notes, included on a bonus CD, can be printed and used while listening to enhance your study.

A Note From Pastor Tim Armstrong

“If you’re a financial partner of The Worthy Walk, let me be the first to say thank you. It means you are on mission with us as we reach out across the country and the globe help people walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. One of the most practical and effective ways for to you to become a friend of The Worthy Walk is by becoming a “Worthy Walk partner.” A Worthy Walk partner agrees to give a monthly donation of $25 or more to support this ministry. That consistent financial gift provides the support we need to bring the gospel out of the local church and onto the airwaves across the country and the globe. 


When something doesn’t grow, it is an indicator something is wrong. Growth in Christ in our world today can be difficult, but Scripture tells us that we ought to be a people who are perpetually moving and growing toward Christ-likeness. Spiritual Disciplines are exercises that promote spiritual growth. In this series, Habits of Growth: Understanding and Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines, you’ll learn from Scripture six habits of growth to understand and practice as you strive toward godliness.

When you commit to a monthly gift of only $25 or more, you’ll receive the CD set with our thanks for your generous commitment as a Worthy Walk Partner.

And as a partner, we will automatically send you any complimentary resources we offer in the future.  


Worthy Walk Partners make this program possible. THANK YOU!

Click here to become a Worthy Walk Partner.