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God’s Big Love Story
If you love love-stories, you’ll love the best story in history. God’s big love story…the story of Ruth. The story will beat out any movie or book you’ve read. Whether you are a woman and love love-stories or a guy who hates “chick flick”, you’ll find the story of Ruth is for everyone.

A young, poor, widowed girl meets a rich, affluent, single boy. Throw in an old, bitter mother-in-law, some bad decisions, disaster, and death. Add a surprise ending, a baby, and a royal link to Jesus Christ and you have the makings of a great love story.

Join us as we study the themes of providence – God guiding His people through His plan; and redemption – understanding that no one is outside of God’s grace. And learn that this is a story heading to the redeemer, Jesus Christ. This is God’s Big Love Story.


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